S T A F F

         Welcome to the Ultimax. It's still in progress
         so please bare with me. Currently, only the
         forums are up. Please visit it and yes, i know
         this index is lame, please bare with me. This
         is the first time I'm scripting my page in HTML
         so i hope i get this done decently. I still
         haven't made out a design for this page
         though. Sorry! ;P (*ory >_> mai*)
         Mai, u should give me a free chocolate for this,
         or else.. i'm goin to steal all your dolls~! XP
         yeah...and your lil dream boy in school too~ j/k!

         This page is best viewed in 800x600 pixel.
         if your computer is crap, then this page wont
         view properly. =P

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         started on 28th April 2001.

Ultimax Mai 2001